A visit to the dentist is a comfortable & pleasurable experience at Oklahoma Dental Wellness Center in Oklahoma City. We take an integrative approach to dentistry to enhance health and smiles. The care we provide includes CAD/CAM dentistry to produce one-visit crowns, precision milled mercury free fillings, and thin veneers to enhance your smile. We also offer sealants to protect teeth from cavities and dental whitening to make your teeth bright.

Additionally, we custom fit the Snore Guard appliance when indicated, for mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring issues. Compliance with this device has been better than with a C-PAP device among our patients and the reported results have been excellent.

We proactively treat gum disease as multiple studies indicate the link between gum health, heart health, Alzheimer’s and general health. Periodontal pockets are treated with a laser to help remove bacteria and help prevent tooth loss.

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          Dr. Deborah Ozment
9642 N May Ave.
OKC, OK 73120
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